• Doula Services

      Antepartum & Postpartum Doula Services, your trusted companion and well-being provider, in English and German.

    • Feminine Healing

      Assistance of a trained and experienced professional who will provide wellness support to the mother before, and after birth.

    • Mother Wellbeing

      For Mother & Infant. Nurturing the mother to be. Nurturing the postnatal body. Nurturing your baby. Helps your baby relax and sleep.
    • Family Services

      This session is designed to assess your eligibility for assisted services, and address any administrative topics to meet your needs.
    • Doula & New Mother Services

      Current, evidence based information and nurturing support.
      Helping to create confident, capable parents as they start and grow their families in Berlin.

    • Laurie has been a life saver to me and our little family. I would highly recommend her to a friend and hope she is available when baby #2 comes around. Laurie puts the Mother as her top priority. It is such a tender time, especially as a first time Mom away from home, Laurie has been a huge part in the recovery process and a source of confidence as I find my own way to Mother.

      ~ Meghan, Sommelier

    • Vor der Geburt habe ich komplett unterschätzt, wie anstrengend die erste Zeit mit Baby sein kann, wenn der Partner Vollzeit arbeiten muss. Ich war sehr froh, als Laurie kam und mit Unterstützung wie leckerem gesunden Essen und Massagen half, dass ich genug Energie für den Alltag mit Baby hatte und wir drei so auch mehr Zeit hatten zu genießen, dass wir nun eine Familie sind.

      ~ Heike, Business Analyst

    • Certified Practitioner

    • You are going to be a wonderful mother!

      Let me be there to guide and support you.