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Are you new in Berlin, or you simply don’t have the luxury of trusted friends and family living nearby?
Neither did I. When my first daughter was born eighteen years ago, I had moved to Germany only nine months prior. I did not understand German nor did I know what my options for birth and support directly after the birth were. I felt lost. And overwhelmed.
Now my own children are older, I am fluent in the German language and very knowledgeable of German customs and traditions. I am very apt at German bureaucracy, helping families from all cultures settle in Berlin.

My desire to assist specifically Young Expat Families in Berlin only increased with time. Therefore I have learned the skills of Family Accompaniment, Birth Assistance and a holistic approach to New Mother Care. I am also knowledgeable of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises and Baby Massage techniques.

My philosophy about supporting birth is that of a holistic approach, offering you the best of both worlds, modern scientific techniques combined with alternative approaches. With my heart and hand I bring the most important thing to you, Tender, Loving Care for Mother & Child.
I love working with new families from the time of planning and preparing for the growth of their family. I offer many services that will help equip you for the journey from childbirth preparation into parenting preparation.
Laurie Reinke

Your native English speaking Birth Companion

  • FREE Interview to figure out what your next course of action is.
  • Clear pricing structure & fixed price packages to avoid surprises, fuss and complication
  • Conveniently register online 24/7.

    The services schedules and rates are transparently presented on my website. No more waiting on quotes. No hidden costs. Full 360’ transparency on your client dashboard.

  • FLAT FEES no matter what your length of labor is, no extra charges for long labors
  • SECURE BACK UP– you never have to wonder, if I’m caught in an emergency, whether your back up is someone you can trust

    Although it is very rare to need a back up!

  • I service ALL of the metro area of Berlin and surrounding areas like Potsdam, too!
  • I provide non-medical assistance at both, medicated and non-medicated births as well as planned cesarean births
  • I attend both hospital and home births

What Clients Say

Just what the doctor ordered!
Having Laurie support our family as a first-time mother was tremendous. Not only did she bring in fresh vibrant upbeat energy while in our home, but she also introduced us to many delicious nutritious meals that met our soul needs hours (sometimes days!) after her departure. (Laurie often intentionally made large batches when she knew my partner would be away in the coming days.) A flash of gratitude arising every time a defrosted soup would hit the lips of this mama – just the perk I needed on any especially run-down day. Nurturing not only through her cooking, Laurie’s nonjudgmental encouragement to find space for all forms of self-care, including postnatal exercise was really helpful to fall back on especially at a time when establishing any semblance of a schedule felt impossible.
Cheerfully relaying the phrase “Don’t get down on yourself, get down on the floor!” she’d adjust my form and fill in any moves I’d forgotten since our last session.
Her own continued education was inspiring to encounter; always some new insight at the ready gleaned from a recent read or workshop. It seemed to prove the world’s synchronicities, with her current research often paralleling my own thoughts in that particular week. It was especially helpful to know her understanding of our “picture” as it developed over the time of her visits, being external support who could offer insider reflections.
Just knowing we had a session scheduled could key me into a different state of awareness of our family’s needs as a whole and my personal needs at present – how to respond to Laurie greeting me and asking to be of support that day? That’s a valuable blessing at any moment in life, especially at such a time that is so demanding on one’s senses and resources.
Thank you, Laurie, for the TIME shared, the SPACE granted, and the CARE you’ve given. We are grateful!
~ Cassandra, mother of one

Laurie is an inspiration and a lifesaver; especially for people like me, an American moving to Berlin right before birth and non-German speaking. From the doula birth experience to support post-birth as a lactation consultant, she made everything about my new mom experience better. I’ll never forget it or be able to thank her enough.

In particular, my little one and I struggled a lot with breastfeeding. Laurie identified a possible tongue tie and went above and beyond to open up her network of professionals and support for us to get a diagnosis and treatment. Who knew chiropractic could help with a shallow latch and tongue tie. I was hanging a lot of hopes and dreams on being able to exclusively breastfeed and without Laurie’s expertise and network my little one wouldn’t be nursing exclusively like the pro he is today.
– Emilee, Mother of Jackson, 2 months old, Product Specialist, Amazon Advertising

I don't think I can put in words how much Laurie has supported me and our family before, during, and after the birth of our second child. She was our Birth Companion/Doula, and she helped us to understand the hospital journey as well as supporting my husband and me in the non-medical aspects of childbirth.

Laurie has worked with me extensively before our son was born, for example by preparing nutritious and delicious meals when my mobility was restricted, as well as ensuring that I was well cared for, relaxed and spiritually supported through meditation and massage. During the birth itself, she worked very hard to support me – bringing compassion and strength while also making sure that our wishes were heard and respected by hospital staff.

Once our son was born Laurie has supported us as a Postpartum Companion. I couldn’t be more grateful for her help then – whether through a healthy meal, running errands or even just giving me some space to have a nap or go for a walk. Even as a second-time mother I was uncertain of so many things and she has helped me to find my confidence again. One evening she even came and supported us when our son had colic lasting hours and we were both completely exhausted. Laurie also offered help as a Lactation Consultant and instructed which exercises are best for postpartum recovery. She’s a true angel, the kind I wish every mother can experience.

~ Iwona H, mother of 5 month old

I first met Laurie for a lactation consultation. She impressed me with her vast knowledge, and she had a lot of tips and advice. I could see clearly she was a professional I could trust and depend upon.

It turned out to be so much more then that. For that sensitive time after the birth, I needed someone to help me do the most important thing we usually forget to do during busy times – take care of myself. I was alone, with no family around to assist and make this time easier. I felt so far away from home, so tired and confused. She saw all that and immediately took action. She knew I come from Israel, so she made me healthy delicious “Israeli” food to make me feel more at home and made sure I ate properly. She helped around the house. She reminded me to drink water. Exercise. Rest. She made sure me and my husband get some much needed alone time. She helped me relax through meditation and massaged my aching arms. Since she is also a relocation consultant, she helped us with bureaucratic formalities. The list goes on and on, she has so much to offer and give.
I feel Laurie really made a difference to me as a young mother, and to all of us as a family. I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance during this strange and fascinating time of transition. Since I know she’s always searching and finding new ways to enrich her knowledge, I’m curious to see what other skills she will collect by the time our second baby comes along…
~ Noa, mother of Michaela

Let me start with the bottom line: Our life in the past months would have been very different if it wasn't for Laurie. Things would have been much more difficult and chaotic. There is no doubt about it. The variety of means of assistance Laurie offered us was immensely helpful.

As fresh parents without family close by, we needed an extra helping hand, but I now realize that I would recommend it regardless. Laurie brings along a professional set of skills, which can be very useful to new parents. My wife was very well taken care of and to me, as her husband, that was very reassuring and calming, especially after going back to work once my parental leave was over. Thank you, Laurie!

~ Nimrod, father of Michaela
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