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  • Brimming with overwhelming feelings of gratitude I thank all the wonderful New Mothers who have entered my life these past two years and have trusted me with their thoughts, energy and love. Indebted to them for allowing me into their sacred space and the space of their new precious babies, I happily dedicate my new website blog, to them, the New Mother Diamonds, and to all the future Beautiful Ones who are yet to come into my life.  

  • Inner Voice

    While supporting women as a Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Companion for the past three years,  I have been privileged to witness and support women's processes during life transforming rites of passage.  It is genuinely fulfilling to support women with the adjustment to first pregnancies, help them prepare emotionally, physiologically and physically for birth, support the birth process,[...]

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    The Circle Of Life

    As I supported my client Erin and her husband Ronald at the birth of their first child this January, I needed to call on all of my skills of professionalism and decorum which I had luckily acquired over the years. That is because the timing of the birth support could not have been more challenging; I had just received word that my mother in America was terminally ill. The text came from my sisters[...]

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    The Undisturbed Birth Process; Raw, Wild and Intense

    As I rose from my bed in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning in late October, I  felt well rested, even with only five hours of sleep behind me. Karin texted me, relaying that her contractions had started a half an hour before and they were getting stronger.  She believed her water had broken.  Karin was emotionally preparing herself for a birth process of approximate 12 to 24 [...]

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    The Closing Ceremony

    A Closing Ceremony originates from Middle and South America, and it is used by indigenous and non-indigenous persons alike, to aid the healing and integration process of the new mother. Typically performed on the 40th day after birth, this ceremony encourages shrinkage of the uterus and guidance of the bones back to their original positioning. The ceremony helps to energetically close the new[...]

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    In-Hospital New Mother Support

    Since becoming a postpartum companion nearly three years ago, I have heard many very personal stories, birth stories, hospital stories. One reoccurring theme I encounter is how the mother’s birth experience to be described as “fine”, only to feel very alone and unsupported during their hospital stay.   These stories, sometimes reflecting painful experiences, make pointedly [...]

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    The New Mother Diamond

    The first day I began working with Noa, I felt a strong presence of her mother with us. It was overwhelming. As I inquired about her family in Israel, she told me that her father and brother live in Tel Aviv. She explained that her mother died in 2004. During our first appointment, I shopped, cooked, tidied the apartment and helped with the care of her then two-month-old baby. We chatted lightly, [...]

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    As I picked up the call from my colleague, Annie, I was thrilled. I had always had beautiful exchanges with this experienced Birth Doula. Annie was consistently generous and always ready to discuss her thoughts and experiences as a Birth Companion. I had always experienced Annie as a calm and as a thoughtful speaking person. Therefore, I was even more startled when I heard the urgency in her [...]

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    Sensual Birth Companionship

    I was so pleased to meet Sarah on a Berlin sidewalk one day in November. It was as if our meeting was meant to be. As I walked behind her, I felt a very strong, inexplicable pull to speak with her. I only knew why when I saw her from the side; she was in her last trimester of her first pregnancy. I stopped her and asked if she spoke English. Absolutely glowing, a huge smile came over her face as [...]

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    Self Care, Self Care, Self Care

    Today I took my daughter to her first group choir practice session. She agreed to go after weeks of private lessons, which, to my joy, turned into mother-daughter lessons. Mind you, she did not agree to practice with the group, but only to watch them practice. With the condition I stayed with her at all times. (You guessed it, my daughter is a bit on the shy side). As the group of seven other [...]

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    What is a Doula?

    A DOULA is a “mother’s helper”. Their role is to mother the birthing mother. As an Antepartum, Birth and Postpartum Doula I care for the physical and emotional needs of the mother-to-be and the new mother.The term “Doula” comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning “female servant.” Marshall Klaus and John Kennell, who conducted clinical trials on the [...]

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