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  • Brimming with overwhelming feelings of gratitude I thank all the wonderful New Mothers who have entered my life these past years and have trusted me with their thoughts, energy, and love. Indebted to them for allowing me into their sacred space and the space of their new precious babies, I happily dedicate my website blog, to them, the New Mother Diamonds, and to all the future Beautiful Ones who are yet to come into my life.  

  • Birth in the Age of COVID19

    Laurie from Birth in Berlin discusses reasons why it still makes sense to have a Birth Companion on your Birth Team even if she is not allowed in the birthing room of a hospital".Enjoy watching.  See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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    How Can I Prepare Birth?

    Laurie from Birth in Berlin discusses two ways to prepare for birth psychologically as well as physically.  Find out different strategies.Enjoy watching.  See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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    The Lochia

    The Lochia. What is it? Is it Normal? When Should I be Concerned? Laurie from Birth in Berlin will explain this normal physiological process, what you can expect and when one should be concerned.  Enjoy watching. See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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    Remote Support Available Now

    Now offering remote support for pregnant women, and those who have returned home with their baby. My thoughts on diet, pelvic floor health, breastfeeding, and baby care. Also for women experiencing dynamic shifts and rites of passage.Enjoy watching.  See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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    Forgotten Knowledge

    My pain was so bad. I went to my gynecologist. He said it's up to me to decide to endure the pain or stop breastfeeding as he can't do anything more about it. He said my body could not manage to breastfeed because I have a small body and bigger breasts.Ella received this less-than-scientific diagnosis from her trusted doctor after suffering from painful breasts and nipples. Her milk ducts clogged,[...]

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    Feminine Healer Experience Winter 2019

    I was recently in Vietnam. Completely unexpected, and up to only a few weeks before arriving, unforeseen and not a priority in my life travel plans. It turned out to be an extremely special trip, I believe healing for many people, on many levels. Strangely enough, I had always grown up with the word "Vietnam" around me - whispered, said and unsaid, consciously and unconsciously. The word carried [...]

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    Thriving, Not Surviving

    When Samantha reached out to me she was a few months pregnant with her first child. She was inquiring about birth support and wanted to know what the birth culture was like in Germany. She eventually decided to birth her baby at home and felt that the support of her midwife right for her needs. The circumstances for a vaginal birth were not present and Samantha ended up transferring to a hospital [...]

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    Finding my Calling

    When I came to Germany in January 2000 to be with my then fiance,  my professional goals were just as unclear as they were at the beginning of my university studies, four years earlier.  I had a bit more critical thinking skills, a bit more ability to convey my thoughts clearly, but a meaningful career was long off.   I believe the saying goes  "Life is what happens while you [...]

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    Ankyloglossia AKA Tongue Tie. What it is and how it affects breastfeeding

    Restricted movement of a baby's tongue due to a too thick and/or too short of the frenulum (band between bottom of mouth and underside of tongue) can result in a poor latch, painful breastfeeding and damaged nipples & areola tissue.Enjoy watching.  See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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    Birth Record

    Obtaining your birth record.  Enjoy watching. See you soon, Goddesses! Laurie Reinke

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