The Closing Ceremony

A Closing Ceremony originates from Middle and South America, and it is used by indigenous and non-indigenous persons alike, to aid the healing and integration process of the new mother.

Typically performed on the 40th day after birth, this ceremony encourages shrinkage of the uterus and guidance of the bones back to their original positioning. The ceremony helps to energetically close the new mother and adapt the channels of perception which were opened during birth. A Closing Ceremony helps to close the chapter of pregnancy and supports the integration of the woman’s birth experience.

Positive emotional, psychological and spiritual effects are experienced by women, even women whose birth experience was decades ago. I witnessed the benefits first hand as I conducted a Closing Ceremony with my dear colleague, Annie.

At the time of the ceremony, our client, Petra, was blessed with a son of fifteen years and a daughter of five. Many years before these souls entered her life, she had chosen to end a pregnancy. This very difficult decision was made with consciousness and care. A few years later, her next pregnancy ended in a stillbirth at 18 weeks.

Through the Closing Ceremony, Petra sought to heal her own birth experience, specifically being taken away from her mother, directly after birth. This was unfortunately routine in hospitals at the time Petra was born. Petra and her mother were greatly influenced by the separation, both suffered immensely.

Annie and I began the ceremony with the intention of welcoming Petra’s soul to earth, to support and hold her in the way which was not granted at her birth.

We very calmly and consciously opening our hearts and various energy centers. While supporting Petra in a loving, safe manner, we welcomed the energies of her family and guides into our sacred space. We proceeded to wrap Petra incrementally from crown to feet with our ceremonial Rebozo. Annie and I concentrated with the intention of creating a welcoming space for Petra’s soul, a space in which she could fully arrive, be cradled and protected.

As the ceremony progressed, the presence of her husband’s soul and those of her living children as well as unborn children became more and more evident to me. The energy of these six souls was omnipresent throughout Petra’s physical body. I perceived each soul’s unique qualities, represented with distinctly different colors, shapes, and rhythms. I was very honored to have witnessed their presence and the care they demonstrated for their mother and wife.

As Annie finished the ceremony with her gift of sound, I was overwhelmed by gratefulness to have been able to support Petra during her journey and healing process.

I was so happy for Petra to have the safe space, to feel fully welcomed to earth, to mourn the separation from her mother at the same time finding forgiveness and experiencing healing.

Petra communicated to me later

“Each position held a special gift to me – connected me again to the wonder of my pregnancies, to all the souls which visited my life or stayed. I felt love very gently and deeply and was connected to my mother once again, experiencing my own landing process in life and what went wrong there. I remembered the moment when a nurse took me away from my mother and the heartbreaking pain in both of us. A huge wave of love was rushing through my heart towards my mother, and understanding and forgiveness came to me easily, naturally. There was some mourning in this ceremony and afterward for me, but also healing, calm and love.

This Closing Ceremony was magical, it was a mystical moment of souls meeting with respect and honor.

Enjoy watching.
See you soon, Goddesses!
Laurie Reinke
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