• Pregnancy & Birth Companionship

  • Are You Considering a Companion on Your Journey to Parenthood and Beyond?

    Experience companionship and non-judgmental support before, during and directly after the birth.

    A DOULA is a “mother’s helper”. Also known as a Companion, their role is to support the mother with her changing body, new role and evolving family dynamic. As an Antepartum, Birth and Postpartum Companion, I care for the physical and emotional needs of the mother-to-be and the new mother. 

    I offer you well informed, empathetic, gentle and caring Companionship & New Mother Services in ALL of the metro area of Berlin and surrounding areas like Potsdam. Get the exclusive, one family at a time assistance of a trained and experienced professional who will provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and father before, during and just after birth. When Doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer medical interventions, babies are healthier and bonding is easier.

  • If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.

    ~ John H. Kennell, MD

  • Remote Birth Companionship

    Current hospital rules to reduce exposure to COVID-19 allow only one person into the birthing room.

    This is even more reason to prepare yourself by learning with what Hospital Protocols you may be confronted and understanding your rights as a birthing woman. 

    During your Remote Birth Companionship, you will learn how to promote self-advocacy and your husband or partner will learn my "tricks of the trade" in order to support you as best as possible.  Support includes;

    • two pre-birth preparation meetings
    • trusted resources such book recommendations, video suggestions and techniques
    • continuous phone support during the birth
    • one after-birth follow-up meeting

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  • Birth Companionship

    In the case that your husband may need to care for an older sibling, Personal Birth Companionship might be what you need to begin your birth journey confidently.

    Numerous studies have shown how positively Birth Companions influence birth. Women with a Doula at their side will most likely experience shorter labors with fewer complications, increased positive feelings about the childbirth experience, less need for labor-inducing drugs, fewer medical interventions such as vacuum extraction and cesareans, as well as increased pain tolerance.

    My support includes;

    • 2 birth preparation meetings
    • trusted resources such book recommendations, video suggestions and techniques
    • 20 days on call 24/7 (10 days before and after your estimated due date)
    • unlimited support during the birth
    • one follow-up meeting


    Cultivate a positive image of birth, receive emotional support

    and have your choices and wishes supported!


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  • Laurie is an inspiration and a lifesaver; especially for people like me, an American moving to Berlin right before birth and non-German speaking. From the doula birth experience to support post-birth as a lactation consultant, she made everything about my new mom experience better. I’ll never forget it or be able to thank her enough.

    In particular, my little one and I struggled a lot with breastfeeding. Laurie identified a possible tongue tie and went above and beyond to open up her network of professionals and support for us to get a diagnosis and treatment. Who knew chiropractic could help with a shallow latch and tongue tie. I was hanging a lot of hopes and dreams on being able to exclusively breastfeed and without Laurie’s expertise and network my little one wouldn’t be nursing exclusively like the pro he is today.

    - Emilee, Mother of Jackson, 2 months old, Product Specialist, Amazon Advertising

  • Hi Laurie, I really have to let you know that both Alex and I completely agree that you are the reason why Vivian was brought into the world without an epidural and with as much naturalness as possible from such a medical beginning. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible gift you helped us bring into the world. Alex and I wanted to share this photo of us with you because it perfectly reflects your incredible knowledge, compassion, and strength. I'm personally in awe and I can never repay you! You will forever hold the dearest place in my heart .

    ~ Laura, entrepreneur and business owner, mother of two day old

  • Laurie Reinke is a sensitive and highly intuitive caregiver with an acute sense for the needs of the new or soon-to-be mother. I was fortunate to have her as a companion for the birth of my daughter, during which she cared for me expertly, providing a soothing and calming presence, as well as concrete tools and ideas for birthing and invaluable translation support. I would strongly recommend Laurie to anyone considering a Doula!

    - Jana

  • My birth didn't go exactly as I imagined it would, and many things didn't go as planned. When I was at the hospital and I had to make quick decisions, I was very glad that I had had the birth preparation with Laurie.

    She gave me the information I needed to be able to understand what was going on at this moment and what options were offered to me. I was more confident were I could easily have been lost.

    ~ Maryan, Actress, Mother of 6 month old.

  • My partner convinced me to come have a visit with Laurie. She was saying that I was not aware enough of the labor process…So, we went, and met Laurie. For me, this meeting was the beginning of my mental and physical preparation to become a father. She help me realize what the birth a baby entails. She taught me how to truly support my wife during her labor.

    ~ Adrien, Father of Lukas

  • Non-Medical Assistance After Birth at Your Bedside

    Since becoming a postpartum companion, I have heard many very personal stories, birth stories, hospital stories. One reoccurring theme I encounter is how the mother’s birth experience to be described as “fine”, only to feel very alone and unsupported during their hospital stay.  These stories, sometimes reflecting painful experiences, make pointedly clear the importance of mother care directly after birth.  

    The staffing situation at most hospitals, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.  There are often not enough personnel to support a mother at this vulnerable time.  With the birth experience still very fresh, navigating sensitive skin tissues or a fresh wound from an operative birth, rapidly changing breasts and insecurity of how to care for the new precious baby, new mothers easily experience feelings of being overwhelmed.

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  • It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience with you at the birth of our baby. We are grateful that you were there for us. Your professional support was powerful, considerate, genuine, loving and effective. The support before the birth was equally helpful. We hope many women will have your companionship and support during birth. Your work is of great value. Please keep doing it!

    ~ Nan, mother of 6 weeks old Leo"

  • Before we had met Laurie, I was trying to prepare for the birth of our first child, but I wasn’t sure which part my partner would take in the process… and if I would be able to count on him. He was excited about the baby, but didn’t seem to realize that we had to give birth before and that it wouldn’t just pop out.

    However, when we walked out of Laurie’s birth preparation consultancy, we were a team. Adrien had gotten a clear idea about his role and even a toolbox of tricks how to support me in labour. From then on, the uncertainty and nervousness I had felt anticipating our baby’s birth, had mostly turned into excitement.

    The birth went very well, better than I had dared to hope. Two weeks ago, little Lukas came after only six hours of active labour, and it had been a natural birth without any intervention or complication. Lukas has had the best possible start in life and I recover very well. I think back of the birth as an adventure and I am profoundly awed by mother nature’s power dwelling in us. Thank you, Laurie, for having made this life experience so beautiful and empowering for us three.

    ~ Caroline, Chiropractor

  • Thanks so much for your incredible support. All of your words and positivity were spot on and totally resonated/permeated.

    ~ Becki, Corporate Executive, Mother of 1 week old and a 19s month old

    • support and encouragement
    • support for your partner
    • communication of non medical concerns
    • relaxation techniques
    • some reflexology and acupressure
    • massage and aroma therapy
    • guided imagery
    • ideas and guidance for integration and recovery
    • continuity of care
    • breastfeeding assistance
    • follow up communication as needed
  • After the birth of our baby boy, I faced a severe problem with the overproduction of milk, which was not treated by the hospital staff, and I was left without any support.
    Being in pain and with my situation worsening by the hour, I was lost and panicking. Luckily, I was able to find Laurie who found the time and offered me immediate care and support.

    Whilst none of the “standard” methods such as cabbage leaves and massage worked for me, not only did she consult me on lactation, but she also provided me with a professional breast massage, which gave me immediate physical relief.

    After the birth, I was physically and emotionally drained. Laurie helped me deal with this experience and was able to help me relax and, in a way, cleanse me physically and psychologically. Usually, I am not really comfortable with being touched by other people, however, Laurie possesses the unique ability to very gently easing herself into your personal space in a comfortable manner.

    My husband and I are very thankful for being well-supported and in such good hands.

    ~ Irina, Economist, MBA, Mother of Stepan, 1 week old

  • Thank you, without your support and contacts our home birth would not have been possible!

    ~ Sandra, Mother of two

  • You did an amazing job in facilitating our experience and enabling us to connect spiritually and mentally to the birth process. Your engagement during and also after the birth helped us tremendously

    Zohar & Yair

  • Laurie supported me during a truly rough time of my life - while I had to face the hard reality of cancer and cancer treatments.

    I am so thankful I have met her! She is a wonderful woman!

    Compassionate, sensitive, professional, understanding and a great cook! I felt that I could talk to her about anything, and she would always either have a great piece of advice for me or she would guide me through the process of trying to find a solution.

    I cannot thank her enough! She is a great support at all levels.

    ~ Elisa, mother of 3 years old

  • Your Native English Speaking Companion

    I can be your trusted companion, in your mother tongue. My own experience as an expatriate, giving birth and raising two children in a foreign country gives me a special understanding of the challenges and rewards of life abroad.

    Let's explore together your thoughts on birth; your cultural values of being a mother. I provide an emotionally and physically supportive environment to new mother expatriates while nurturing her into her new role.

    Many times our own mothers cannot come to us after birth. Or perhaps they can only come for a short time. After well-intentioned family and friends have left, many new parents find themselves unprepared for the demanding weeks and months following the birth of their baby. They are under the mistaken impression that while they might need help for a week or two, things will then calm down and they can settle back into their lives — only now with a baby.

    The reality is that the adjustment, both physical and emotional, lasts with some intensity for the first three months following birth. A Postpartum Companion is an invaluable resource at this time, providing knowledge about bed-rest situations, new mother nutrition, breast health, lactation, newborn safety, and newborn care. A Postpartum Companion is a mentor, enabling you to better identifying your baby’s needs, how to bathe, massage and soothe your baby.

  • Laurie Reinke is a birth and postpartum doula and one of the most amazing women I've met. She speaks fluent German and is a native English speaker. She was there for me every step of the way and has supported many women here in Berlin. She is *your* trusted person at the hospital to support you physically and emotionally during birth.

    There are a few people who have supported me in such a way as Laurie did at such an important and vulnerable moment of my life. After birth, she was there for my American husband, son and me helping us with everything along the way- physically with healthy food, mother massages, and pelvic floor awareness, mentally with strategies to cope with little sleep, and emotionally by showing great empathy. Laurie also facilitated the needed documents from the German authorities.

    All in all, Laurie created a safe and supportive environment in which we could blossom as parents.

    ~ Katerina, Curation assistant TED, mother of one year old

  • Laurie is very helpful and professional.

    She was my doula since before birth. She gave me lots of information about delivery, but she was also very attentive, understanding and supportive with regards to mental well-being, female healing, and empowerment. I had trauma in the past and lost my confidence as a woman. I was very anxious about being a wife and a mother, and I had a hard time with my husband especially after the delivery. I was not open to her when I met her the first time because of my trauma, but her dedication to supporting me made me feel I could trust her.
    I could start to find purpose in my life and get my strength back as a woman, and I found a path with my husband again.

    She is the best for all women.

    ~ Anna, mother of an 8 month old

  • And, What About the Father?

    From Woman to Mother. From Man to Father. From Couple to Family. A huge transformation has taken place. The birth of a baby begins a remarkable process. A very mother-baby focused process. As a new father, feelings of isolation and exclusion can occur. As your Family Companion, I am able to provide support to the new mother but also to the new father.

    An appropriate setting to process the birth from the father's perspective and understanding a new father's uncertainties of providing for a family for the future are very important elements of creating healthy family communication. I understand these feelings and we can work together to identify your needs and strategies to adjust to being a family.

  • My partner convinced me to come have a visit with Laurie. She was saying that I was not aware enough of the labor process…So, we went, and met Laurie. For me, this meeting was the beginning of my mental and physical preparation to become a father. She help me realize what the birth a baby entails. She taught me how to truly support my wife during her labor.

    ~ Adrien, Father of Lukas

  • Laurie has helped us both as a doula and as a guide through the joys of being an expat in the German system of Elterngeld and Kindergeld…..

    Laurie has been amazing for us over the last year and a half. If there's anything I regret, besides not taking more full time Elternzeit off, it's not making more use of her services.

    ~ Duncan Davidson, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft, father of 1 year old.

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    Helping to create confident, capable parents as they start and grow their families in Berlin.

  • I don't think I can put in words how much Laurie has supported me and our family before, during, and after the birth of our second child. She was our Birth Companion/Doula, and she helped us to understand the hospital journey as well as supporting my husband and me in the non-medical aspects of childbirth.

    Laurie has worked with me extensively before our son was born, for example by preparing nutritious and delicious meals when my mobility was restricted, as well as ensuring that I was well cared for, relaxed and spiritually supported through meditation and massage.

    During the birth itself she worked very hard to support me - bringing compassion and strength while also making sure that our wishes were heard and respected by hospital staff.

    Once our son was born Laurie has supported us as a Postpartum Companion. I couldn't be more grateful for her help then - whether through a healthy meal, running errands or even just giving me some space to have a nap or go for a walk. Even as a second-time mother I was uncertain of so many things and she has helped me to find my confidence again. One evening she even came and supported us when our son had colic lasting hours and we were both completely exhausted. Laurie also offered help as a Lactation Consultant and instructed which exercises are best for postpartum recovery. She's a true angel, the kind I wish every mother can experience.

    ~ Iwona H, mother of 5 month old

  • Laurie Reinke is a sensitive and highly intuitive caregiver with an acute sense for the needs of the new or soon-to-be mother. I was fortunate to have her as a companion for the birth of my daughter, during which she cared for me expertly, providing a soothing and calming presence, as well as concrete tools and ideas for birthing and invaluable translation support. I would strongly recommend Laurie to anyone considering a Doula!

    ~ Jana

  • I first met Laurie for a lactation consultation. She impressed me with her vast knowledge, and she had a lot of tips and advice. I could see clearly she was a professional I could trust and depend upon.
    It turned out to be so much more then that. For that sensitive time after the birth, I needed someone to help me do the most important thing we usually forget to do during busy times - take care of myself. I was alone, with no family around to assist and make this time easier. I felt so far away from home, so tired and confused. She saw all that and immediately took action. She knew I come from Israel, so she made me healthy delicious "Israeli" food to make me feel more at home and made sure I ate properly. She helped around the house. She reminded me to drink water. Exercise. Rest. She made sure me and my husband get some much needed alone time. She helped me relax through meditation and massaged my aching arms. Since she is also a relocation consultant, she helped us with bureaucratic formalities. The list goes on and on, she has so much to offer and give.

    I feel Laurie really made a difference to me as a young mother, and to all of us as a family. I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance during this strange and fascinating time of transition. Since I know she's always searching and finding new ways to enrich her knowledge, I'm curious to see what other skills she will collect by the time our second baby comes along...

    ~ Noa, mother of Michaela

  • I feel very fortunate to have had the support of Laurie after the birth of our second child. She brought a true sense of well-being into our home -- filling it with delicious smells from the kitchen, nutritious food to keep our bodies fueled (and helping mine to recover) and a keen awareness to be supportive of your own needs. If you are too run-down then it's impossible to take good care of your baby. Laurie's reminders became part of my routine which means her support doesn't stop when she isn't physically present. She's well worth it!

    ~ E.G. Senior Manager Marketing

  • After the birth of our twin boys, my husband took a month off work. We also have a little boy who was 2 1/2 at the time. The week before my husband returned to work I suddenly panicked about how I was going to cope on my own! A friend recommended Laurie to me. I made an application to our insurers for Haushaltshilfe, which was granted. Laurie prepared many delicious and healthy meals for us and bought all of the ingredients. This was invaluable as I would not have had time to shop and cook myself. She also made some very tasty treats! Laurie did bodywork with me in the comfort of my own home to help regain my core muscle strength after the pregnancy. Laurie gave some soothing massages to the babies, and also to me when the babies allowed it! Laurie is very knowledgeable about childbirth and young babies and provided some helpful information and advice. I would definitely recommend Laurie to anyone looking for this kind of assistance after having a baby. Laurie is very caring and friendly, and was great to have around at that special time".

    Lorraine, Commercial Property Lawyer

  • Laurie supported me through the first and second phases of labor. Especially her methods of calming me down and alleviating the pain caused by the contractions were very helpful. I was lucky to deliver my daughter in a birthing pool, surrounded by my husband, Laurie, the doctor, and the midwife, without any pain medication.

    I put the success of this birth down to a number of things, including Laurie's calming presence.

    After birth, Laurie supported us at home, each visit was three hours long, during which she cooked and cared for me. For example, when I had a headache, she would give me a head massage or advice on breastfeeding techniques and how to best care for myself in this challenging time. I also welcomed that she spoke with me and my husband about the emotional side of becoming parents and how we could best support each other. Overall, it would be my pleasure to recommend Laurie and her services to other parents-to-be out there and encourage you to find out more about her work.

    Nele, mother of one month old