Young Family Services

Young Family Services Consultation

One-on-one consulting session to receive comprehensive information and practical assistance on how to successfully claim your family benefits such as Children’s Allowance and Young Child Caregiver Allowance. Together we will identify your eligibility and I will explain how to apply for them.
This session is also the ideal opportunity to address any administrative issues you might have to cope with when settling in Berlin for the first time, such as a registering your baby with your health insurance and receiving a German Residence Permit for your baby. I am fluent in the German language and very knowledgeable of German customs and traditions. I am very apt at German bureaucracy, helping families from all cultures settle in Berlin. This session can take place in your home or online via Skype.

Laurie has helped us both as a doula and as a guide through the joys of being an expat in the German system of Elterngeld and Kindergeld….. >

Laurie has been amazing for us over the last year and a half. If there’s anything I regret, besides not taking more full time Elternzeit off, it’s not making more use of her services.
~ Duncan Davidson, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft, father of 1 year old.
Learn how to receive up to 70% reimbursed assistance and household help in the form of Postpartum Services from the Public German Health Insurance.
All publicly health insured women who have a medical indication are entitled to personal, in-home care, up to 8 hours a day. If you will birth or have birthed your baby in a birthing center or at home you will also qualify for this support.
I am happy to explain how to apply for this assistance and communicate with the health insurance companies on your behalf.
If you experience complications, even with breast feeding, have a difficult birth, or are laid up with an infection or other circumstances which inhibit your ability to care for your family, you can receive additional hours of support.
More Costs and less Time able to Work – Young families have the dilemma of higher costs but less earning potential. The German government recognizes this and provides children’s allowance for every child living in Germany until 18 years of age. This benefit is called Kindergeld.
Another Young Family Benefit, designed to allow flexibility of care of children under two years old, Elterngeld provides monetary support for the main caregiver. Just ask me how to apply!
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Thank you so much, Laurie. I feel so joyful and more relaxed with all the information you have provided. I was a bit lost but thanks to you it has all become more clear.

~ Manon, Couples Therapist, pregnant with first baby

I first met Laurie for a lactation consultation. She impressed me with her vast knowledge, and she had a lot of tips and advice. I could see clearly she was a professional I could trust and depend upon. It turned out to be so much more than that ...

Since she is also a relocation consultant, she helped us with bureaucratic formalities. The list goes on and on, she has so much to offer and give.
I feel Laurie really made a difference to me as a young mother, and to all of us as a family. I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance during this strange and fascinating time of transition.
~ Noa, mother of Michaela
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