Feminine Healing

Have you recently experienced a dramatic change of circumstances? Looking for support to identify, understand and integrate a new phase of life?

Relocating to a new country, beginning a new career, starting a family, pregnancy loss, separation from a spouse/partner are examples of life’s events which set forth deep personal processes.
Excitement, fear, feelings of disorientation and resurfacing of old wounds are all possible responses to great change.
Having extensive knowledge of women’s inner processes and training on how to support them, I can help you integrate your former identity with your new situation, adjust to your new role, as well as learn how to support your continuous personal development.
Together we can create a space in which your needs, talents, goals are respected and supported.
You can contact me by telephone, email or using my contact form. I’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Hi Laurie.

Just a quick update. Everything has fallen in to place here, finally!
I’m so grateful for everything you did for me in my dark times. You gave me so much and also helped me see what was happening and empowered me to take action when it was difficult. My new life, the good bit, starts with you 💛
I’ve had so much help here from therapists, lawyers, friends, and community. I’ve met a really lovely man who I adore and who adores me. He’s got a dog! I’m actually happy. Really happy. I never thought this would happen.
Forever grateful. You’re an amazing woman. Thank you so much. 💚💙💜♥️💛
-Kimberly, Jewelry Designer, Mother of Samuel 2-year-old

I am so thankful I have met her! She is a wonderful woman!

Laurie supported me during a truly rough time of my life – while I had to face the hard reality of cancer and cancer treatments.
I am so thankful I have met her! She is a wonderful woman! Compassionate, sensitive, professional, understanding and a great cook! I felt that I could talk to her about anything, and she would always either have a great piece of advice for me or she would guide me through the process of trying to find a solution.
I cannot thank her enough! She is a great support at all levels.
~ Anna, mother of an 8 month old

Just what the doctor ordered!

Having Laurie support our family as a first-time mother was tremendous.
Not only did she bring in fresh vibrant upbeat energy while in our home, but she also introduced us to many delicious nutritious meals that met our soul needs hours (sometimes days!) after her departure.
(Laurie often intentionally made large batches when she knew my partner would be away in the coming days.) A flash of gratitude arising every time a defrosted soup would hit the lips of this mama – just the perk I needed on any especially run-down day.
Nurturing not only through her cooking, Laurie’s nonjudgmental encouragement to find space for all forms of self-care, including postnatal exercise was really helpful to fall back on especially at a time when establishing any semblance of a schedule felt impossible. Cheerfully relaying the phrase “Don’t get down on yourself, get down on the floor!” she’d adjust my form and fill in any moves I’d forgotten since our last session.
Her own continued education was inspiring to encounter; always some new insight at the ready gleaned from a recent read or workshop. It seemed to prove the world’s synchronicities, with her current research often paralleling my own thoughts in that particular week. It was especially helpful to know her understanding of our “picture” as it developed over the time of her visits, being external support who could offer insider reflections.
Just knowing we had a session scheduled could key me into a different state of awareness of our family’s needs as a whole and my personal needs at present – how to respond to Laurie greeting me and asking to be of support that day? That’s a valuable blessing at any moment in life, especially at such a time that is so demanding on one’s senses and resources.
Thank you, Laurie, for the TIME shared, the SPACE granted, and the CARE you’ve given. We are grateful!
~ Cassandra, mother of one

Laurie is very helpful and professional.

She was my doula since before birth. She gave me lots of information about delivery, but she was also very attentive, understanding and supportive with regards to mental well-being, female healing, and empowerment. I had trauma in the past and lost my confidence as a woman. I was very anxious about being a wife and a mother, and I had a hard time with my husband especially after the delivery. I was not open to her when I met her the first time because of my trauma, but her dedication to supporting me made me feel I could trust her.
I could start to find purpose in my life and get my strength back as a woman, and I found a path with my husband again.
She is the best for all women.
~ Annika, mother of an 12 month old
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