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Non-Medical Assistance After Birth at Your Bedside

Since becoming a postpartum companion, I have heard many very personal stories, birth stories, hospital stories. One reoccurring theme I encounter is how the mother’s birth experience to be described as “fine”, only to feel very alone and unsupported during their hospital stay. These stories, sometimes reflecting painful experiences, make pointedly clear the importance of mother care directly after birth.
The staffing situation at most hospitals, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. There are often not enough personell to support a mother at this vulnerable time. With the birth experience still very fresh, navigating sensitive skin tissues or a fresh wound from an operative birth, rapidly changing breasts and insecurity of how to care for the new precious baby, new mothers easily experience feelings of being overwhelmed.
I offer you the exclusive, personal one-to-one assistance of a trained and experienced professional who will provide continuous physical, emotional and informational In-Hospital Support, during and after birth.
I am available for you in ALL of the metro area of Berlin and surrounding areas like Potsdam.
The father-to-be benefits also from having professional, empathetic accompaniment; many fathers express afterwards feelings of fear and being intensely overwhelmed. As a trusted, experienced non-medical birth assistant, I can provide him with perspective and encouragement. If he needs to leave for a moment, he knows the mother of his child is being well taken care of.

After the birth of our baby boy, I faced a severe problem with the overproduction of milk, which was not treated by the hospital staff, and I was left without any support.

Being in pain and with my situation worsening by the hour, I was lost and panicking. Luckily, I was able to find Laurie who found the time and offered me immediate care and support.
Whilst none of the “standard” methods such as cabbage leaves and massage worked for me, not only did she consult me on lactation, but she also provided me with a professional breast massage, which gave me immediate physical relief.
After the birth I was physically and emotionally drained. Laurie helped me deal with this experience and was able to help me relax and, in a way, cleanse me physically and psychologically. Usually, I am not really comfortable with being touched by other people, however Laurie possesses the unique ability to very gently ease herself into your personal space in a comfortable manner.
My husband and I are very thankful for being well-supported and in such good hands.
~ Irina, Economist, MBA, Mother of Stepan, 1 week old

Hi Laurie, I really have to let you know that both Alex and I completely agree that you are the reason why Vivian was brought into the world without an epidural and with as much naturalness as possible from such a medical beginning. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible gift you helped us bring into the world. Alex and I wanted to share this photo of us with you because it perfectly reflects your incredible knowledge, compassion, and strength. I'm personally in awe and I can never repay you! You will forever hold the dearest place in my heart .

~ Laura, entrepreneur and business owner, mother of two day old

Laurie Reinke is a sensitive and highly intuitive caregiver with an acute sense for the needs of the new or soon-to-be mother. I was fortunate to have her as a companion for the birth of my daughter, during which she cared for me expertly, providing a soothing and calming presence, as well as concrete tools and ideas for birthing and invaluable translation support. I would strongly recommend Laurie to anyone considering a Doula!

~ Jana
Thanks so much for your incredible support. All of your words and positivity were spot on and totally resonated/permeated.
~ Becki, Corporate Executive, Mother of 1 week old and a 19s month old

After the birth of my third child, a piece of placenta was left in my uterus. I had inflammation with all the accompanying stuff like pain and a fever...

But the important thing is that the piece of the placenta was expelled naturally. There was no manual extraction needed, only antibiotics.
I believe the natural expulsion of the placental piece was influenced by your womb wellbeing massage.
Thank you again!”
~ Irina, Economist, MBA, Mother of Stepan, 1 week old

You did an amazing job in facilitating our experience and enabling us to connect spiritually and mentally to the birth process. Your engagement during and also after the birth helped us tremendously

~ Zohar & Yair

Laurie was a huge support for us on this important, exciting (and in our case long!) day, when our son was born. She had an endless amount of patience and was very sensitive to our needs, we definitely felt safer and more confident after our pre-birth meetings with her presence at the hospital. My husband and I are very happy and grateful we had her with us! Thank you so much Laurie.

~ Dana, Jeweller, Mother of Liam

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