• Lactation Services

  • Excellent Breastfeeding Support

    Do you have questions? Have you experienced setbacks, feel frustrated, or are you concerned your baby is not receiving enough milk?

    I offer excellent, evidence based breastfeeding support to all people nursing at any stage. My experience and knowledge aid in providing families with the tools they need to meet their breastfeeding goals. 

    As a trained lactation consultant I can identify causes of improper or shallow latch, address pain and pain management and get to the source of any discomfort you experience. Specially trained how to identify a tongue-tie and lip tie.

    I will teach you alternate feeding positions to cater to your individual needs, such as wounds on your breast or how to breast feed without agitating fresh stitches from a Caesarean section birth.

  • Lactation Consultation - Remote Support

    I offer a one hour Breastfeeding Support session packed with a plethora of useful information and awesome resources for those who do not feel a full service of having a postpartum doula is needed but want a little guidance early on. Receive early assistance to help get breastfeeding off to a good start.

    You can schedule and pay for that service by clicking the button below.

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  • ...as a new mom without a midwife, I was dreading coming home with little knowledge on how to correctly breastfeed. Luckily Laurie Reinke reached out to me and I could not recommend her enough! She has such a great energy and gave me a lot of helpful tips, insight and support on how to make both baby and mommy happy while breastfeeding! In case anyone is still a bit lost on the breastfeeding department and could use some support, I would highly recommend her!”

    ~ Whitney, mother of 3 day old

  • Laurie is an inspiration and a lifesaver; especially for people like me, an American moving to Berlin right before birth and non-German speaking. From the doula birth experience to support post-birth as a lactation consultant, she made everything about my new mom experience better. I’ll never forget it or be able to thank her enough.
    In particular, my little one and I struggled a lot with breastfeeding. Laurie identified a possible tongue tie and went above and beyond to open up her network of professionals and support for us to get a diagnosis and treatment. Who knew chiropractic could help with a shallow latch and tongue tie. I was hanging a lot of hopes and dreams on being able to exclusively breastfeed and without Laurie’s expertise and network my little one wouldn’t be nursing exclusively like the pro he is today.

    - Emilee, Mother of Jackson, 2 months old, Product Specialist, Amazon Advertising
    photo credit Laris Tandem @ Tandem Foto

  • I cannot explain the difference in breastfeeding only from a week ago. When we contacted Laurie my nipples were cracked and bleeding, and my baby was never able to feed fully. We were both in terrible shape.

    All this, even though my midwife, pediatrician, and gynecologist had examined us multiple times.

    None of them could explain why our breastfeeding experiences were so dreadful, why my baby was so unsettled and frustrated.

    Within a half-hour remote consultation, Laurie identified the problem, a severe tongue tie, and provided us with excellent resources. All care providers she recommended supported us with expert treatments and all in perfect English!

    We are on the right path now to a wonderful newborn family experience.

    ~ Ninna, mother of Oscar, 3 weeks old.

  • Current, evidence based information and nurturing support.
    Helping to create confident, capable parents as they start and grow their families.

  • I first met Laurie for a lactation consultation. She impressed me with her vast knowledge, and she had a lot of tips and advice. I could see clearly she was a professional I could trust and depend upon.

    It turned out to be so much more then that. For that sensitive time after the birth, I needed someone to help me do the most important thing we usually forget to do during busy times - take care of myself. I was alone, with no family around to assist and make this time easier. I felt so far away from home, so tired and confused. She saw all that and immediately took action. She knew I come from Israel, so she made me healthy delicious "Israeli" food to make me feel more at home and made sure I ate properly. She helped around the house. She reminded me to drink water. Exercise. Rest. She made sure me and my husband get some much needed alone time. She helped me relax through meditation and massaged my aching arms. Since she is also a relocation consultant, she helped us with bureaucratic formalities. The list goes on and on, she has so much to offer and give.

    I feel Laurie really made a difference to me as a young mother, and to all of us as a family. I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance during this strange and fascinating time of transition. Since I know she's always searching and finding new ways to enrich her knowledge, I'm curious to see what other skills she will collect by the time our second baby comes along...

    ~ Noa

  • After the birth of our baby boy, I faced a severe problem with the overproduction of milk, which was not treated by the hospital staff, and I was left without any support. Being in pain and with my situation worsening by the hour, I was lost and panicking. Luckily, I was able to find Laurie who found the time and offered me immediate care and support. Whilst none of the “standard” methods such as cabbage leaves and massage worked for me, not only did she consult me on lactation, but she also provided me with a professional breast massage, which gave me immediate physical relief.

    After the birth I was physically and emotionally drained. Laurie helped me deal with this experience and was able to help me relax and, in a way, cleanse me physically and psychologically. Usually, I am not really comfortable with being touched by other people, however Laurie possesses the unique ability to very gently ease herself into your personal space in a comfortable manner.

    My husband and I are very thankful for being well-supported and in such good hands.

    ~ Irina, Economist, MBA, Mother of Stepan, 1 week old

  • As I was a first time mom, the whole postpartum experience with breastfeeding, pelvic floor training and other was very new to me. Having found someone experienced and warm hearted as Laurie was nothing but a sheer luck.

    I have benefited from number of services provided by Laurie: introduction good breastfeeding consultancy, pelvic floor training and baby massage. Each and every session was excellent and exceeded my expectation.

    Laurie has deep knowledge of breastfeeding techniques and provided me an overview of best practices in breastfeeding. Already after one session with her, I was able to breastfeed my child comfortably.

    Within months of originally meeting, I met with Laurie again to work on the pelvic floor training. She provided one on one training in my apartment and took her time explaining how each and every muscle works and what techniques are best to strengthen the pelvic floor at large. This way I avoided group training in hospitals or elsewhere and was able to get the first hand experience from Laurie.

    On personal level, Laurie is very warm hearted, understandable, positive, intuitive and very empathetic. I really loved our collaboration in various instances.

    I can't thank Laurie enough for all the great assistance she has provided me and my child.

    As I am planning my second pregnancy, I sure will book Laurie to help me with my second postpartum period.”

    ~ Mavy from Berlin-Steglitz

  • Dear Laurie, thank you so much for your time and energy. We've been using the aid (lactation aid system) since yesterday evening and have been delighted with it. We haven't needed to use the bottle once. The tongue tie cut seems to have also made a big difference, it all seems to go a lot smoother now and our baby seems a lot less agitated during feeding.

    ~ Father of three week old boy