~ Becki, Corporate Executive, Mother of 1 week old and a 19s month old
Because Your Deserve It

Hi Laurie, it was so so nice meeting you! We both thoroughly enjoyed our session, It felt so good being taken care of. THANK YOU!! !

~ Lena

I was diagnosed with pre-pre eclampsia the last month of my pregnancy. I was worrying about it and of course that didn't help, on the contrary. Laurie helped me relax and enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy by guiding me through yoga moves, massaging me and also facilitating guided imageries.

It was just what I needed – my blood pressure stayed stable and I avoided becoming pre-eclampsic, avoiding many interventions. Im so grateful.
~ Maryan, Actress, mother of 6 month old
Because Your Deserve It
Let’s get you back in contact with your pelvic floor muscles. Before any sports, training or heavy lifting can take place, your pelvic floor muscles must recover.
Pregnancy alone weakens the pelvic floor, even if you did not give birth vaginally. Therefore it is important to train the Pelvic Floor even after birth by cesarean section.
Perhaps you suffer from stress incontinence? One third of all new mothers experience stress incontinence,which is uncontrolled release of urine during coughing, sneezing or laughing.
Pelvic Floor Exercises will help your perineum and vagina to heal more quickly, prevent and treat accidental release of urine, improve the circulation of blood to your perineum, which will help to reduce swelling and bruising.
I will teach you simple exercises which will strengthen your Pelvic Floor, and relay tips on how to protect yourself from incontinence later in life.
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My pelvic floor session with Laurie was outstanding. Her mere presence is healing and comforting. She gave me tools to strengthen my pelvic floor after suffering from a bladder prolapse and I have to say her skills and knowledge saved me from a surgery. I'm very grateful for her support and efficient work.

~ E.G. Senior Manager Marketing

Laurie Reinke totally helped reshape how I move in my home and in public to activate my pelvic floor with specific exercises and actions while tending to my daughter.

I have a serious back condition called “ ankylosing spondylitis” and she has helped me reduce pain and change crucial elements in my day to maintain overall body health! I can not recommend her enough!

~ Laura, entrepreneur and business owner, mother of a 3 month old

I booked some private sessions with Laurie hoping to improve my pelvic floor as well as gain some practical tools for daily, and lifelong, pelvic floor health. Laurie really took the time to listen to my concerns, even asking about my birth story and history, and then tailored the program to meet my needs.

Some of the exercises were familiar to me, but they really became something new once I considered what my pelvic floor was doing.

I also learned many different ways to incorporate my baby into the exercises, something that is very practical when you have a active, crawling child.

I felt very comfortable with Laurie; it's clear that she has a passion for what she does.

~ Bridget, Corporate Facilities Manager, Dancer, mother of 11 month old”

I recommend Laurie, who took me through nice training sessions to exercise the pelvic floor muscles after birth. I really liked it! I learned things that are good to practice for life-preventing issues that can happen during ageing. I feel really good about it.

~ Dr. E. Rojas, Cell Biologist, mother of a 9 month old

I contacted Laurie because she came highly recommended in one of Facebook groups. I was dealing with pelvic floor issues and leaking after birth. She has a deep knowledge about the pelvic floor.

She showed me passive and active exercises for pelvic floor health and strengthening the muscle layers and shared with me some "tricks" and tips how to stop leaking in certain situations. I felt that our work together went beyond after birth care. She informed me about importance of pelvic floor through out our lives. I would recommended working with Laurie not only if you have pelvic floor issues, but in general to potentially prevent any future problems.

Laurie’s training required work also from my side. It took some time and commitment from my part to see results. After we stopped working I could see some results - although I haven't stopped leaking completely - my issue improved dramatically.

She also reminded me to really give myself time that my body heals after birth (I am now 9 months postpartum). I felt that Laurie is easy to connect to, really pleasant and caring and what is important to me, she is always on time.

~ Eva Štajner, psychotherapist, mother of a 9 month old
Because Your Deserve It
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Because Your Deserve It
You can schedule and pay for that service by clicking the button below.

... I was looking for a lactation consultant who could help me to ease the terrible pain I had while breastfeeding, and I ended up having a two-hours postnatal care that was mostly about me and my emotional and physical comfort.

Laurie Reinke as a postpartum doula made magic with me, after the session I felt relieved, relaxed, confident and fresh. I highly recommend these kind of TLC postpartum sessions for newborn mums, we totally deserve it and it helps a LOT!

~ Petra, mother of one week old.
Because Your Deserve It

"I reached out to Laurie looking for help to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, but she taught me so much more.From the beginning Laurie established a safe space for me to share my experiences as a new mother and a woman. Her experience was evident through her knowledgeable words and guidance during each of our meetings. She was ready to answer my questions and provided me with information about further exercises and activities.

With Laurie, I learned how to know and communicate with my body as well as my soul."

~ Natalia, Master of Education, mother of a 20 month old

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It has been wonderful working with Laurie so far in taking stock of personal and professional challenges both as expat and as new mother. It is a great aid to have someone 'hold space' for me, to have an objective and neutral ear, but also someone who listens and assists on a soul/spirit level. I was able to already make progress in a short time with fundamental wellbeing issues. I can highly recommend!

Kate, mother of 4 year old
Because Your Deserve It
For me the transition from pregnant woman to mother went far too unrecognized. Suddenly all attention shifted from me and my growing belly to the baby. For each polite question after the birth of “how are you doing?”, I felt obligated to answer
with “great!”, even though I was feeling less-than “great”.
I felt this answer was all that fit into the energetic space available. It was sadly inadequate to express my feelings of the monumental experience of becoming a mother. My newly formed social circle in Berlin did not allow for much more. Very little room was available to explain how I was really doing.
Perhaps you have also experienced a jumble of feelings after the birth of your baby? Mourning the loss of my freedom. Anxious that I would not be a good mother. Missing my beautiful round belly. Still in shock from my three hour birth. Overwhelmed from the responsibility of caring for an infant.
I wish I had a way to symbolically recognise the rite of passage of Motherhood.
That is why I am so honoured when I may support new mothers during a Closing Ceremony.
Never heard of it?
Inspired by indigenous peoples’ customs of Central and South America, a Closing Ceremony provides a nurturing and supportive environment in which a new mother may integrate her experience of being pregnant and birthing her baby. By honoring this rite of passage from young womanhood to motherhood, this lovely ceremony provides a platform from which a new mother may step confidently into her new role.
After relaying her new mother perspective and sharing any perceived inner shifts, a variety of techniques may be used to support the new mother. These may involve massage, reiki, aromatherapy, and sound healing.
The ceremony ends with ‘closing’ the mother by gently wrapping her cranium, midsection and pelvic area, encouraging shrinkage of the uterus and guidance of the bones back to their original positioning. This process literally helps close a Mother’s body, which opens during pregnancy and birth in so many ways – physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.
The Closing Ceremony is a unique way to support the new mother acknowledgement of the end of one phase of her life while ushering in the next.
Perhaps you would also like to close your pregnancy and birth experience, as I yearned for so many years ago? Perhaps you are searching for a meaningful gift for a dear friend? For an alternative to a product?
If so, please contact me for more information.
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Lie back, relax and enjoy the treatment you deserve

Tender Loving Care For the Mother to Be and the Postnatal Body. Because you deserve it.
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