• Family To Be – Postpartum Planning

  • 3 hrs Consulting Session - Postpartum Planning

  • Are you ready for baby? What does that question mean to you?

    • Join me for a 3 hour one-on-one workshop discussing the aspects of postpartum you might not be thinking of.
    • Discover options for your family to promote bonding, healing and support during your transition to parenthood.
    • Introducing the Baby-moon. Take power of your experience and plan for the better.
    • Interactive learning for parents of all kinds.
  • This is a great way to feel more confident as new parents to be and get you off to a great start!
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  • Before we had met Laurie, I was trying to prepare for the birth of our first child, but I wasn’t sure which part my partner would take in the process… and if I would be able to count on him. He was excited about the baby, but didn’t seem to realize that we had to give birth before and that it wouldn’t just pop out.

    However, when we walked out of Laurie’s birth preparation consultancy, we were a team. Adrien had gotten a clear idea about his role and even a toolbox of tricks how to support me in labour. From then on, the uncertainty and nervousness I had felt anticipating our baby’s birth, had mostly turned into excitement.

    The birth went very well, better than I had dared to hope. Two weeks ago, little Lukas came after only six hours of active labour, and it had been a natural birth without any intervention or complication. Lukas has had the best possible start in life and I recover very well. I think back of the birth as an adventure and I am profoundly awed by mother nature’s power dwelling in us. Thank you, Laurie, for having made this life experience so beautiful and empowering for us three.

    ~ Caroline, Chiropractor