• Postpartum Services

  • Postpartum Companionship

    For the precious time after the birth - a steady hand to guide and reassure.

  • Postpartum Preparation

    • discuss expectations for the first weeks and months after birth
    • develop a realistic timeline for breastfeeding and sleep
    • learn how to care for your postpartum body
    • examine how to build a support network
    • explore new family dynamics

    Remote Support Available!

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  • Postpartum - In Home Support

    As your Postpartum Companion, I will support your new family during the first few weeks and months of Life with Baby, by demonstrating newborn care, support family adjustment, prepare healthy meals and assist with your household, where necessary. 

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  • I feel very fortunate to have had the support of Laurie after the birth of our second child. She brought a true sense of well-being into our home -- filling it with delicious smells from the kitchen, nutritious food to keep our bodies fueled (and helping mine to recover) and a keen awareness to be supportive of your own needs. If you are too run-down then it's impossible to take good care of your baby. Laurie's reminders became part of my routine which means her support doesn't stop when she isn't physically present. She's well worth it!

    ~ E.G. Senior Manager Marketing

  • Food has the power to heal

    I believe food is nature's medicine. Proper hydration, essential fatty acid and an abundance of nutrient rich food has the power to heal. Balance and variety, along with the use of whole, fresh ingredients is the basis of all my meals. My personal style of cooking is comfort food with big flavor. I enjoy using fresh herbs, whole spices and am inspired by international cuisine.  Please feel free to request your favorite dish!

  • I highly recommend Laurie, who specialises in delicious, healthy meal preparation and mother wellbeing sessions (amongst other things). I was so well cared for. I always felt the difference when Laurie had supported me in our home. She worked magic.

    ~ Elmi, Sports Therapist

  • In meiner Schwangerschaft mit den Zwillingen war ich wirklich an meiner Belastungsgrenze. Mir war total übel, ich hatte keinen Appetit, war über Wochen erkältet… Selbst an guten Tagen konnte ich kein Essen für mich und meine Familie kochen. Ich war so dankbar und froh, als Laurie zu uns kam. Sie ist eine wahrhaft virtuose Köchin! Schnell hat sie sich einen Überblick verschafft und gesehen was ich brauche. Sie hat die fantastischsten Gerichte für uns gezaubert, lecker und abwechslungsreich. Es war toll, dass wir uns jederzeit unkompliziert und schnell absprechen konnten. Es hat gereicht, ihr morgens noch eine SMS zu schicken und sie hat mir alles was ich brauchte aus dem Laden mitgebracht ... Wir vermissen sie hier jetzt, da sie nicht mehr kommt, schmerzlich…

    ~ Esther, Hebamme und Kinderkrankenschwester