• New Family Soothing Session

  • New Family Soothing Session

  • A Soothing Session is packed with a plethora of useful information and awesome resources for those who do not feel the need for long-term Postpartum Doula support but desire a little guidance early on.

    Bringing a new baby home can be a wonderfully exciting time. But for many families, it can be quite scary! Would you feel more comfortable after a consultation from a postpartum professional? I will come to your home in those very early days to listen to your concerns and provide you with some awesome resources to explore! The New Family Soothing Session will provide you with wonderful baby soothing techniques, safe sleeping suggestions, confirmation of correct latch. I will show you some baby wearing positions and even explain the proper installation of your car safety seat. Three hours is really packed with a plethora of skills.

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    Laurie Reinke | Doula & New Mother Services

    Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block soothing techniques plus many more can be shared and demonstrated to help you feel more equipped to begin this new journey. Three hours allows enough time to allow the baby to feed. This is very important in order to check the latch and tweak anything that may be causing pain or problems. Teaching you side lying position for nursing enables you and your baby to get more sleep.

    Swaddling properly allows your baby to stay asleep longer. Safe bed sharing ideas will be shared if you desire. Safety is the goal but also helping you to feel more well rested.

    If you have a baby carrier and want some instruction and guidance I am able to do that as well.

    And if you need some product selection guidance, I will be happy to help. We can even go through a checklist for your car seat safety and teach you the proper way to buckle your baby in safely.

    This is a great way to feel more confident as new parents and get you off to a great start!

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