• The Menarche; The First Blood

    Do you have a special girl in your life, approaching her first period? Do you wish to support her but don't know how?
    Do you feel unprepared to answer her questions, to provide the most current information available?
    Then the Women's Circle, The Menarche, The First Blood Is the Place for You!

    This workshop is specially designed for mothers of girls (9-16 years old) who are either approaching their Menarche, the first menstruation or have recently begun their menstruation.

    Mothers, aunts, older sisters, godmothers or any other women who are emotionally committed to supporting their special young lady’s process are welcome.

    You will learn:

    • How you may best support the transition form girl to young woman
    • How to keep dialogue flowing between you and your precious prepubescent
    • Newest Trends in Menstruation Health
    • The New Period Paradigm
    • Products which have the least ecological foot-print
    • Safe as well as age appropriate products
    • Why it is important to use correct terminology when speaking of the reproductive organs
    • How menstrual hormones influence girls and women's lives on a day-to-day basis and how to work with them, not against them
    • Alternative ways to support the menstruating body

    Help her step into this exciting time of her life with more confidence, diffuse any perceived shame related to the monthly cycle and prepare yourself with the most accurate information.


    See you soon, Goddesses!
    Laurie Reinke

    Laurie Reinke

  • Image Credits:
    Feature Image: jon-flobrant on unsplash.com
    Portrait of Laurie by Heather Parker photography